it's the same cycle, repeated to no end.  

i'm still trying to hear. i'm actually trying to hear. i'm DESPARATE to hear.

but all i hear is silence.  


i fear that there's everything to lose, 

and nothing to gain anymore.  


i've lost my home. i have no home.  

my mind should've never been allowed to roam.  

i'm on this mountain, waiting to hear from You. but i don't know how long i can breathe up here. 

i know You speak, because i've heard it before. words that brought a shipwrecked heart to shore. 

i know You speak; maybe i've gone deaf. 

maybe i've gone deaf. unable to hear beyond what has been trapped in my mind.  

and it's definitely trapped.  


i am so tired. 

i am so tired.  


i've lost my home. 

this isn't my home.  

these people feel like i've let me down. i can't be what i've wanted to be for them. 


i need to to be who You want me to be. but i need You to tell me who that is.  


because i've lost my home.  

i have no home.  

i miss my home.  

i need a home.  


home is where You are.  

i don't know where You are.  


take me home.