For a friend.


I used to think darkness didn't make sense.

i didn't understand the weight of pain until i got to experience it firsthand. There's still so much I've never directly felt, but I've grown so accustomed to seeing it in those around me that it almost feels natural sometime. 

But understanding darkness was the first step towards a true appreciation of light.  



You told me a few months ago that you didn't know what to do with yourself sometimes, because you never thought you would have made it this far. When you first walk out of a dark room into the light of day, it's almost unbearable. My first instinct is always to shut my eyes tight until I can adjust. Then, I'll slowly open one at a time until things balance themselves out, and things begin to take shape. My eyes begin to regain clarity. Sometimes the light can bring a headache, and it makes you search for dark again just to bring around a familiar numbness. But ultimately, if given the choice, the adjustment is always worth it. Light is always so much better than darkness, because we can see the beauty we're meant to share with each other. And suddenly the light makes sense, and it becomes a sensation that can never be matched, and it makes the long, slow, frustrating road to get there worth it.  



you never thought you'd make it this far. 

i'm glad you were wrong.