dear you, pt. 6 (everything ends someday)

dear you, 

everything ends someday,

and some things much quicker than others.  

some end just as soon as they start, 

leaving us wondering if it's worth it to start in the first place.  


and why wouldn't we wonder? end is associated with loss. with pain, separation, finality.




why is that so bad? 


why can't we view endings not as loss, but as completion?


because the endings of my favorite songs remind me that resolution is so beautiful.  

that there is power in closure.  

maybe we need more things to begin, so that we can end them.  

maybe we need to write more happy endings. maybe we need to appreciate the painful endings, and mold them into our own twisted kind of art.


maybe the places life has taken you have lead you down a path like mine, where a fear of the future and unknown leaves you stuck in the past, never truly embracing here and now.  


dear you, 

everything ends someday.  

start something worth ending.