simplicity.complexity. anxiety.complacency.


there's no simplicity in moving on;

because there was nothing simple about staying put.

there's no complexity in searching within;

because i think i understand myself a little better.

there's a mountain of anxiety hanging around my brain;

because the things i thought that knew don't make as much sense anymore. maybe. or they do, and the realization of that is the root of the anxiety. because maybe i missed it, and maybe it's really complex but maybe it's also super simple and maybe just the things that atter re at the center of my heart and maybe i can realize that the world isn't so bad and things are really really great and i love just about everyone and everything around me right now and even those who have become distanced are still on my heart. 

there's no anxiety in true realization (maybe).

there's no complacency in rediscovery. thank God. movement is glorious when it's not just for the sake of motion.