roads. (dear you, pt. 12)

love is an art,

love is a balancing act.

as I look through pictures,

glimpses of past lives push their way out of the hole I’ve dug for them.

i’ve learned that ‘what if?’ Is a terrible question.

i’ve also found out that ‘why?’ isn’t so bad of one.

we were always told that nobody can really know why things happen the way they do.

and to an extent, i guess that’s true.

but i can’t help but ask it when i think about you.

i think ‘why?’ is a perfectly acceptable question to ask,

because while there may not always be a reason,

i think that there’s always a meaning.

there’s no reason in suffering.

there’s no glory in pain.

but there is revelation in redemption,

and there is purpose to gain.

when i look into the eyes of those i love,

and of those who love me,

i see the power that comes from believing in redemption.



dear you,

why did you do the things you’ve done?

why have you walked the road that’s clearly marked with misery and waste?

and why don’t you see the obvious exits?

on this side of earth, you haven’t permanently sealed your fate.

it’s never too late.