weightless (dear you, pt. 17)

there’s no burden in weightlessness;

no chains in letting go.

these things that we carried for so long,

they buried us while we were too stubborn to say ‘no.’

stubborn? or mesmerized?

it’s hard to tell sometimes.

we become so accustomed to these patterns,

these people,

these choices,

that they began to look like all we had left.

and, for the longest time,

it felt like it was all i had left.

discovering who i was meant a lot of learning who i wasn’t.

the weight of who you aren’t can feel crushing,

as if our shortcomings are irreparably set in stone,

and all of a sudden we find ourselves chained to a reality that we want no part of.

but the beauty of weightlessness,

is that there are no chains,

except for the ones that keep you anchored to the shore.

the beauty of weightlessness

is that life feels manageable again.

the beauty of weightlessness

is that it’s so much fun to dream again.

dear you,

i’m dreaming again,

and this time,

i’m weightless.