dear you, pt. 2

maybe the hardest part of realizing how empty you really are is discovering that what you've been drinking all this time wasn't really water.


dear you,


I know it's not enough,

even though it feels like a dream.

you understand happiness. excitement. contentment. and all of the other ones like them.

but I don't know if you've ever known joy.

the security that comes from abandoning temporal anchors, the freedom found in embracing true wholeness.

I know the happiness never lasts. I've seen the other side. the part of you that latches on to things and people who only continue to fail you. and it makes you want to blame yourself and the way you feel. but it doesn't matter.

I know you know I don't know how to know it. I don't know how to explain it. but I do know what I gained when I filled those same gaps you have with something greater. i want so much more for you, because you deserve every bit of it even though you don't always feel the same.


I love you, please see that I love you, but please know that i love you because you are already loved.