dear you, pt. 3

dear you,

I've been there.

I'm still there.

I don't know how I got there,

but I knew that I most definitely didn't care.

because the answer had always been there.

and the things distracting me helped keep me unaware.

the decisions I had to make seem(ed) so unfair,

like I didn't understand how it was my burden to bear.

I knew I didn't want this to be something I had to share,

I wanted to be alone in my despair.

I thought I was alone in my despair.

I KNEW I was alone in my despair.

even though I'm never alone in my despair.


you see, it's not the confusing decisions that keep us awake.

it's the obvious choices we know we have to make.

but why does it always seem like the hardest road to take?

we don't let love and grace win, and under the weight of pain we break.

we close our hearts to friends around us, and their comfort seems like a mistake,

but we need someone there when we ache.


it's all because we can't trust.

it's all because we don't trust.

it's all because we won't trust.

even though all we want is trust.


quit giving your heart to people that refuse to give theirs back;

but stop thinking that this pattern will keep you on the right track.

it's not trust you're missing, it's grace that we both lack.

so when others are lost trying to make their way in, let's try and cut them some slack.


you are loved, please love you back.

you are you and I am me but I am also you and others are us too and you are loved,

please love you back.