dear you, pt. 4

dear you, 

I know that there's not enough answers, and too many questions.  

questions that you weren't even asking.  

questions that didn't need to be asked.  

questions that needed to be asked.  

people sometimes say it's hard to let the head catch up with the heart sometime.  

i think it's even harder to reconcile your heart with someone else's head.  

it's wearing you down. it's wearing you out. it's so easy to make assumptions, but it's much harder to define reality when you don't know where you are in the first place sometime. 


thoughts are are a dangerous world. intentions are a maze. assumptions are a poison. pain is a catalyst, but sometimes we don't want the change to be that fast. it's easier to live in the moment until you zoom out and see that the moment might be in the wrong frame. 


and your choices do not define you.  

they are yours.  

but they are not you. 

you ae more than that. 

you are more than what people say you are. 

or think you are.  

or what you think you are.  

you are a glorious soul with a crooked smile.  

it reveals the pain within but doesn't lack genuine joy.  

and I'm tired of seeing it disappear.  


never let your struggle become your name.  

take your struggle home. 

bring your hurt to the table.  

label it.

name it. 

question it. 

yell at it. 

cry at it. 

banish it. 

but never feel like you have to wear it. because you've been given far greater things to wear. and when you can look at yourself in the silence and in the solitude of growth and see the beauty that is being shaped before your eyes, you'll know that you never need to settle for anything less than wonderful. 


dear you, I love you, please know you are loved.