my eyes keep trying to adjust to this,

holding on to the dim glow that's all that's left in the dark.

the only thing they can grab onto outside of the steady pulse of the flickering light outside.

and I can't tell if I hear rain or if the snow is just melting; for all its worth it sounds the same and its left a mess everywhere.

and it's sort of like my life right now,

I can't tell if something new is happening

or if I'm still just trying to shake off the old.

But what's falling?

that doesn't make sense yet.

I don't want to get up,

but I hate staying down.

and I bet you feel the same. is this still getting you down? because I want you to fly, but your wing might be stuck. it's caught onto the firmest branch, and we might have to cut it out.

it's going to hurt like hell, but without it you'll never reach heaven.

let's dance out here. let's leave here, let's never leave here. it's beautiful, and you're beautiful, and this life is so beautiful.

but you're hurt. and I'm hurt, and we don't want it to hurt.

I'd take the snow and ice over the mud and rain any day. we may fall in the ice, but the snow is full of beauty. and you're full of beauty.

this mud just sinks us down, and it never seems to leave. it should leave. I should leave.

I know it will all be washed, but we have to leave it out so it won't be missed.

come leave this place with me,

and let's stay here together.

because this isn't home, but you might make it home for me.