dear you, pt 5

dear you, 


I understand the reasons that you hurt.  

no, really. I do.  

there is "nothing new under the sun", but when it's new to us it takes on a sense of rawness.  

it's hard to build an immunity to something you haven't really seen before.  

walking through pain will always be hardest the first time, because you don't know what to expect.  

but I don't know if expecting it would be better.  

i think it would just remind you of the pain, and unless you had moved on from it there's no way it wouldn't sting the same way.  


i think your soul has a few shards of glass hidden in it.

because the memories that you held dear became shattered picture frames, and you never bothered to clean up. and so you stepped on the fragments a few times and they became wedged in there. they've helped to slow the bleeding. but healing won't take place around a broken fragment.  


people aren't poison. I believe that with everything in me. because in the pictures that we held onto, it wasn't the image that tore but the frame that broke down. fragments of an image weren't the problem. it was this idea that somehow we could hold onto an idealistic, airbrushed view of the people around us. a still frame in a dynamic world. it doesn't work. and so what do we do? we need to clean the frame up. free the pieces of these boundaries from the flesh they live in, and let the wound take a moment to heal. it'll hurt. you've fallen in love with a frozen moment in time, and it's hard to move on from that because then we have to reconcile what we wish we still had with where we are right now, and that's incredibly scary.

but in that moment,

youll find what it means to reconcile and love. 

not because they've in any way deserved it. 

but because we know how bad it hurts, and how great it feels to be whole. and in being made whole again, we see how it's the best feeling in the world, 

and we suddenly desire that for everyone we know.  

yes, even them. 

because the taste of the light is too sweet not to share.  

and it pushes darkness into oblivion.  


dear you, 

i love you, please know that you're loved, please understand that the light is too sweet not to share.