this ringing is hollow;

i'm hearing noises without form.  

i'm looking for some substance, 

because it's so hard to keep warm. 

i've ran and ran and ran and ran

and ran and ran and ran and ran

and it has to be in circles because i should've found a resting place by now but i haven't. and i'm drained.  

i know how to refill, but i don't seem to hold a charge.  


everything is shifting around me. and it's probably good.  

new roads, new steps, new surroundings.  

what am i holding on to? 

what should i hold on to? 

some things should stay. some must go.  

what if i pick wrong? 


i fall on you when i can't stand.  

but i can't stand the fall sometimes.  


teach me me to stand when i try to push myself down.  

because i'm my biggest fall.  

make me bold when this heart gets cold.  


settle this burning in my chest, 

i need some peace.  


i need some rest.